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The Shocker


The Shocker is great Freeride Board. The symmetrical shape, length, and Micro-Drop deck makes drifting and sliding easy. The wheel flares and large cut outs allow for large wheels and a smooth ride. The kicks on the nose and tail of the board make maneuvering the board easy and allowing the rider the option to do tricks. The small W concave blended with the drop down deck provide a locked in and comfortable stance.

Tech Specs

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-39.5 inch X 9.5 inch Longboard with 1/4 inch drop and a symmetrical shape


-70mm X 50mm High Rebound Urethane Wheels (78a)

-Wheel Base is 27 inches


-Multiple Layers of Bamboo and Canadian Maple with Durable Heat Transferred Graphics and Clear Grip Tape

-9 Ply construction makes for a durable and stiff board


-180mm Aluminum Trucks with Polished Finish and Ultra High Rebound Bushings

Additional information

Weight 10.14 lbs
Dimensions 39.96 × 10.43 × 5.51 in

39.5 inch length X 9.5 inch width with 1/4 inch drop and a symmetrical shape

Wheel Base

27 inches


Multiple Layers of Bamboo and Canadian Maple with Durable Graphics and Clear Grip Tape
10 Ply construction makes for a durable and stiff board


180mm Aluminum Trucks with Polished Finish and Ultra High Rebound Bushings


70mm X 50mm High Rebound Urethane Wheels (78a)


Fast and Durable Abec 9 Hellion Bearings with Built In Spacers


Complete board weighs 7.5 lbs

3 reviews for The Shocker

  1. Alex Gonzalez

    I absolutely love this board. It is very strong and very well-built. I weigh 270lbs., and even for me, it is hard to make it flex/bend. I can do all types of tricks on it, and it’s easier because it has the kicks on both ends of the board. I really like the smooth look on the bottom side of the deck. This board feels great going downhill as well. It rides smoothly and carves beautifully.

  2. Bshaw

    Awesome board! It’s the first one I’ve owned, I’ve ridden friends boards in the past of other brands. One of my local skate shops Sidewalk Surfer in AZ recommend this brand to me over the others they had. Extremely satisfied and about to buy another online

  3. JDK – TMS

    Easily my all-time favorite deck for cruising and commuting. It’s my goto over my Pantheon, Loaded, and Landyachtz decks. I’ve always liked a stiff board and this thing had 10-plys to make that a reality. I did change out the components to make the board a bit more fine tuned to the way I like it. Removed the 2x 1/4 inch spacers, the trucks, bearings, and wheels. Added a set of 1/8 shock pads, Paris V3s with speed washers, Loaded Button Head 1.25″ Hardware, Jehu V2 bearings, and Orangatang Stimulus 70mm 78A wheels. This thing is super smooth, floats around like it’s a cloud, and I get zero wheel bite when I’m doing a very hard turn. I’ve had some friends compliment me on my Shocker deck and tell me they wished they were lighter to be able to skateboard. I told them to give it a try. They hoped on and were amazed that the board barely flexed under their weight. With all of this, I am giving major kudos to the White Wave Team! You have made an amazing product! I cannot wait to see what you come up with next!

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