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The Warrior


The Warrior’s combination of a drop down deck and drop through trucks makes for a great low rider! It has a low center of gravity for maximum stability and makes pushing effortless.

Tech Specs

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-38 inch X 9.75 inch Longboard with 3/4 inch drop and a symmetrical shape


-70mm X 50mm High Rebound Urethane Wheels (78a)

-Wheel Base is 29 inches


-Multiple Layers of Bamboo and Canadian Maple with Durable Heat Transferred Graphics and Clear Grip Tape

-10 Ply construction makes for a durable and stiff board


-180mm Aluminum Trucks with Polished Finish and Ultra High Rebound Bushings

Additional information

Weight 9.48 lbs
Dimensions 38.38 × 10.43 × 4.52 in

38 inch length X 9.75 inch width with 3/4 inch drop and a symmetrical shape

Wheel Base

29 inches


Multiple Layers of Bamboo and Canadian Maple with Durable Graphics and Clear Grip Tape
10 Ply construction makes for a durable and stiff board


180mm Aluminum Trucks with Polished Finish and Ultra High Rebound Bushings


70mm X 50mm High Rebound Urethane Wheels (78a)


Fast and Durable Abec 9 Hellion Bearings with Built In Spacers


Complete board weighs 7.5 lbs

18 reviews for The Warrior

  1. Jack Respess

    Guys, this is my favorite longboard I have owned by far. I have owned multiple, from companies like Sector 9, and White Wave has really done a good job impressing me. I am planning to get another White Wave Longboard soon, and I recommend that you should definitely do the same!

  2. John


  3. Corey Martin

    Awesome board for a smooth ride and so easy to push. Great cruiser for around the neighborhood and definitely one of my favorite boards that I’ve ever ridden.

  4. Dayton Zimlinghaus

    Great board! Before I bought this board, I used one that I hand made in my garage. It wasn’t the prettiest, but it got the job done. Now that I own this WhiteWave Warrior Longboard I plan to do more advanced things on it rather than just ride around. It awesome body keeps my feet secure so, I can’t wait to take it down hill and see how it does. AND look totally awesome doing it thanks to the beautiful glossy wood and clear grip tape! Excellent board and would definitely recommend!

  5. Christopher

    Great board super stable and easy to push while cruising … upgraded bearings tho as mine were pretty bad out of the box but with the bones super reds I put in this board is amazing.

  6. Devin Caron

    This board is incredibly smooth. It’s a great price and the best board I’ve experienced. I cruise the streets of Atlanta on my Warrior and it’s so smooth I can photograph from the board at 20MPH easy! It’s an eye catcher to I can’t ride without people stopping to ask about it. An older gentleman commented on the craftsmanship of the deck. I love it so much I plan to own the whole line!

  7. Marc

    I am planning to get one but I have a few questions…. Which is better for just cruising around town with my friends, The “Warrior” or the “Cruiser”??

    • Lexie Schroeder

      Hi there,
      They are both really great boards. We plan to have them back in stock in about 6 months.

  8. gabriel

    6 months, cant wait, lol, all my friends own sector 9, and i cant wait to gett it

  9. Jonathan

    I own a sector 9 bored but I have a couple of friends have this board, and they let me borrow it for a little while and I loved it as soon as it come back in stock I’m getting one. Can’t wait.

    • Josh

      Hey Jonathan!

      We were not ready for a sudden influx of love for our boards. We sold out faster than anticipated. We hope to get more Warriors in Nov/Dec. Thanks for trying out our board. We hope to make it possible for you to get one real soon.

  10. Michael Zakharov

    When will this board be back in stock? My friend has the cobra and its really nice so i wanna get this board as the cobra has to big of a drop for my need.

    • Josh

      Hey Michael!
      We are so sorry we sold out so fast. We are trying as fast as we can to get new boards made. We hope to get them in November/December for Christmas wishes.

  11. VIOLET

    I just put one star because I want one and there is none in stock. Is there a way to get notified once you guys are back in stock?

    • Josh Ostler

      Back in Stock! Sorry for the wait

  12. Violet

    I want one but they are all out of stock! Is there any way to be informed when you guys come back in stock?

    • Josh Ostler

      Hey Violet,

      We will have some available by mid to end of december. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  13. SannyElulk

    Make a more new posts please 🙂

    • Josh Ostler

      They are arriving soon! Thank you Sanny!

      • Josh Ostler

        They are back in stock! Sorry for the wait.

  14. Julien MAYER

    Hi, is this board can be shipped in France ? If not how can I get it ?

    • Josh Ostler

      Hello Julien! We will look into it and get back to you.

  15. Bob (verified owner)

    Excellent longboard. We are in the middle of snowboard season here in Colorado and can’t wait for a little warmer weather to get some longboard time. It seemed like I waited forever, but thanks for a terrific Christmas present!

  16. BHS Dline

    Incredible board, high quality wood, great for bombin’ hills or for cruising around. Would absolutely recommend for intermediate riders.

  17. Matt

    When will you be back in stock?

  18. Seth Metzker

    This is by far the best board I have ever skated, and I have skated a lot in my days. White Wave has done a wonderful job of impressing me with the quality of their boards, my friend has a Cobra so I know the quality of that board as well. I love the durability of the board and I love the spray on grip tape also. The control on the Warrior is off the charts and this is a wonderful for downhill skating.

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