White Wave Partners With Hellion Bearings Co.

We’re excited to announce that White Wave Longboards has partnered with Hellion Bearings Co.!

Our design team is on a relentless quest to improve our products and keep costs down for our customers. This year we have focused on providing better bearings for our skateboards. We have been searching different companies to find the absolute best and reliable bearings for our boards, while keeping the cost down for our customers. Hellion bearings is the result of that search! These bearings can be found on all of our White Wave Models. We will also selling Hellion bearings in individual sets on our website starting today. The built in spacers combined with the speed lube makes these bearings fast as Hell!!

Features of Hellion Bearings:

    • Fast and Durable bearing for all types of longboards and skateboards.
    • Built in spacers makes assembly easy and bearing alignment precise (higher acceleration and speed).
    • Removable Black rubber seals make cleaning easy and helps keep dirt out.
    • Pre-lubricated with racing lubricant.
    • Precision 8mm axle holes.
    • Includes set of eight bearings.